Monday, June 4, 2012

What is a chori-pan?

I just realized that my blog is not on the SMC study abroad bloggers page. hmmm, what to do

Anyways, what is a chori-pan?
that is a fantastic question because it has two main answers
1) delicious
2) chilean
and this is why I love it

Basically, there is this bread here (BREAD HERE IS SO GOOD) called a Marequeta.
Secondly, there is this thing called a chorizo which SpanishDict defines as: cured pork sausage, flavoured with paprika...
that is mostly accurate, however, to further define this wonderful food that I have no idea why the states has not yet lied about inventing...

it is a little sausage thing that is almost too orange to be considered real meat, but very tasty, best eaten with ketchup and mayo and possibly palta (squashed avocado)
You put said sausage-thing inside a halved marequeta and BAM: choripan

~because without the bread, it's just chori
and without the chori, it's just pan~

choripan.jpg  here it is...the magical food of chilean asados

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