Tuesday, June 12, 2012

exams are creepin'

Y'know that feeling at the end of the semester when it feels like every single professor in your life has realized that they only have about 6 class days left to give you homework? Result being that you are drowning in a sea of paper and notes and books. Yea well that feeling exists in Chile as well.

it is raining

this is actually a good thing in Santiago seeing how in the 4 and a bit months that I have been here I think it has rained ONE other time. It doesn't rain much here. Did you know.....Chile is home of the driest desert in the world! The Atacama desert. real dry

Hopefully I will be going skiing next week in the Andes!!! That would be the epitome of awesome, I just have to buy the ticket. Also rent skis, no way did I bring those down here.

My host family continues to be the cutest and best host family every, me and my 'brother' went running yesterday with the dog. My sister is going to the states this friday with her boyfriend and my host parents are just the nicest. It is now cold enough, however, to merit using the little portable gas stove (THANK GOD) I love that stove, LOVE IT! It saves me from sitting in the living room and studying/freezing simultaneously.

Anyways, I gotta go catch the D18 (bus) to get to the metro to go to class. I only have one class today (Narrativa Chilena y hispanoamericana) and we are going to talk about Roberto Bolaño's book Los Detectives Salvajes. It's a pretty good book I only wish I had been able to read more of it as of this point in my life....only read like 80 pgs. before the quiz. shoot.

this is study abroad

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