Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jorge Luis Borges

here's a photo so it's not all words, I guess you can't really tell, but this was the student protest that I accidentally found myself walking into the middle of which involved my first experience with tear gas..not pleasant.
¿QuĂ© onda?
A common phrase in Chile which means "what's up?"
it is pronounced exactly as it is yea, use that one on your friends.

Today was a normal day: went to Geography class and learned about how there WERE people in latin america before the conquistadors (yes I know, I learned this in 5th grade thank you. I'm foreign I'm not stupid), had a really long lunch with chilean/american friends (YAY I have chilean friends!), went to spanish class and finished the movie "The Nana" (which is very good by the way and really demonstrates the latin american tradition of employing a woman in the house as a nana). Came home, went for a run, ate some bread, typical Chile. I don't know why such a normal day turned out to be so great....maybe I'm just comparing it in my mind to yesterday which was not so great. Not everyday abroad is a great day...I made the mistake of thinking that all days would be great days before I went abroad. The reality is that they are not. But hey, today was so HA.

Also, inscribed in a gym with my host sister and so far we have gone to some very entertaining classes including Aero Box, Zumba, and Spinning. Spinning was a LOT more difficult than I imagined. My legs hurt today. They were blasting some killer US rock though so I was having a great time.

My Chilean mom is making some kind of dessert right smells so so good. Maybe this is why I feel the need to eat something...Also, beware of PanaderĂ­as in latin america because they smell SO GOOD. Everytime I pass by a bakery I just want to eat all the bread in the world which would be a terrible thing. They smell so wonderful, I could probably loiter outside a bakery for a considerable amount of time and not be bored.
Anyways, now that I have bored you all to tears with my talk of delicious bread (seriously, it's different than the bread in the US) I shall bid the adieu for I must read more about the colonization of latin america. yipee.

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