Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mid-Semester = Midterms

Despite the fact that I'm in Chile, I still have midterms like a normal person...or normal college student.
In fact, I have my Geography of Latin America midterm (I suppose that's what it is anyway) this monday. Unfortunately my computer needs some sort of special file to open the stuff to I havn't studied yet. The studying will also be put off until at least tonight because I am going to an ASADO!!! (BBQ) where there will be delicious CHORI-PAN! (a little sausage thing in bread with mayonnaise and so good) I'm pretty sure we could make chori-pan in the states, I was just introduced to the wonder of it here in Chile.

I can't quite feel the pull of finals yet, but I can see them on my calendar a short month and a half away and I am scared. I have a final paper in my independent study class a a culmination of all we have done (aka lots of individual research, surprise), I have a test in spanish, a test in Geo, and a final project AND a test in my spanish literature class which is SUPER hard (but also probably the best class I have) ahhh

Besides all those tests though, I am going to ChiloƩ on the 23rd of you may recall we were going to go the 2nd, but clearly that didn't happen because of various things. Oh well, we are still going. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate mother's day by going to my Chilean grandmother's house for lunch and..I dunno what else. Probably just that, I don't think we'll be doing anything too fancy.

Well, hate to go but I'm gonna be late for this Asado...I'm not sure why it is in the middle of the day, but some things in Chile just go unexplained.

un abrazo fuerte for all of you crazy people who read this -K

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