Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thank You Santiago

Thank you Santiago,
you are sunny every day,
you have paths so I can run
without the traffic in my way.

Thank you Santiago,
the best bread is made right here,
when I walk by the bakery
I want to stay there for a year.

Thank you Santiago,
home of some mountains tall
the Andes make me happy
and make me feel really small.

Thank you Santiago,
your clean for the most part
the people all seem happy
and I am light of heart.

Thank you Santiago,
for the time that I have here,
you will go through fall and winter,
even though my summer's near.

For dear Santiago
I must leave in 4 months,
but I'll never forget your mountains,
your streets, your vibe, your love.

just a little breakfast time poem..enjoy

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